TANSI Media is a division of TANSI Media & Communications Group. We have been in the web development and ecommerce industry for over 10 years. Up until 2010 our primary focus has been to develop sites and provide services for web clients. Our management team's experience and knowledge has contributed to the creation and evolution of the TANSI Media Division. It is our focus to develop consumer site projects that make sense for Canadians. We service a broad variety of consumers in several industries including Holiday & Travel, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Employment, Trades & Services. Community and News as well as Humanitarian. Tansi Media is 100% about people and companies doing business on the internet. We're their # 1 fan. Watching our customers start along their path, grow and succeed is incredibly rewarding. We feel obligated to assist each and every one of our customers so that they have the neccessary tools and opportunities. That is the Tansi competitive advantage. Our customers are first and formost before anything else.

Satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfaction. Our goal, our mission.

Tansi Media is 100% owned and operated in Canada.

Mobile-first communities

Our sites and apps are smartphone and tablet friendly.